Certified Roofing, LLC, is a family-owned and operated roofing company that has served Brevard County for over 15 years. We specialize in building and repairing roofs with high-quality materials, and we offer a 10-year workmanship warranty on all roofs.

There are different types of roofs, but at Certified Roofing, LLC, we build and repair shingle, metal, and flat roofs. Read on for a description of these types.


These roofs may be a safer type compared to the others because there is less risk of falling from them. They’re easy to access, and usually cheaper than sloped roofs. However, homeowners need to ensure the roofs stay watertight and cleaned regularly to prevent debris and leaves from clogging the drain.

A flat roof will gradually degrade thanks to the sun. In locations where the temperature travels from hot to cold in a short amount of time, this type of roof is damaged more easily. While some green-friendly solutions reduce heat absorption and provide better leak-proof protection, usually the coating does not last for a long time. Flat roofs may need replacement within about 15 years.


This type of roof is lightweight and friendlier to the environment. It is also low maintenance. As long as the roof’s structural integrity is sound, repainting a metal roof as it loses its shine is fine. This strong roof provides a good value because metal is highly durable, and there are many available metal roofing systems that Certified Roofing can offer. In Florida, where hurricanes are always a threat, many people have chosen this material.


Shingle roofs can be made from asphalt, tile, slate, wood, and metal. Asphalt shingles are usually more popular because they are inexpensive, available in a variety of styles, offer reliable waterproofing, and suitable for a large range of temperatures. Their life span is 20 years on average, although this is shortened in locations with extreme temperatures or intense sunlight. Asphalt shingles that are dark usually fade over time, and can develop black marks on them that are caused by algae.

Slate shingle roofs have a more sophisticated and natural appearance, are available in a variety of styles, and offer fire resistance. They are not vulnerable to rot, easy to maintain, and last for about 100 years. However, they are easily broken when stepped upon and are expensive.

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