Solar Panels on Roofs: Part Two

In our previous blog, we discussed that solar panels should be well installed, but the most important factor to consider before even thinking about generating clean energy is to check the foundation first: your roof. Without a solid foundation, installing solar panels on an old or unsuitable roof creates complications that could easily escalate and

Solar Panels on Roofs

Solar power is an alternative energy source that converts energy from the sun into electricity. Solar energy is a sustainable source of energy and can be a source of power for homes and businesses globally while fossil fuels contribute to harmful environmental pollution for our planet. Fossil fuels include coal, oil, and natural

Repairing Your Roof Before You Sell

When deciding whether or not you should replace your roof before selling your home, the decision isn’t always an easy one unless you have a huge problem with the roof that can’t be ignored. Oftentimes, your roof only needs a little tender loving care such as replacing a few shingles or clearing off the moss

What New Homeowners Should Know About Their Roof

Buying a new home is a big decision and may come with repairs while settling in. Some of the repairs may include small adjustments such as light fixtures, or bigger projects like updating the flooring to match your unique taste and make your house feel more like home sweet home. When considering your repairs, don’t

Trusses vs Rafters

Have you ever driven by old, abandoned homes that were falling apart? One of the main reasons for these decrepit homes crumbling in is a lack of roof support. Rafters and trusses hold most of the roof’s weight in the intricate roofing system while the rest of the weight rests on the interior, load bearing walls.

Preventing Roof Leaks

Owning a home comes with responsibilities and is the unspoken crossover into adulthood. After purchasing a house you take on the accountability to take care of a whole home. With a home comes a roof, and both the home and roof will start to deteriorate over the years. Proper routine and maintenance can help prevent

The Enemies of Roofing

When it comes to your roof, a simple inspection a few times a year will help you catch any problems early on and prevent further damage. Assessing your roof’s condition on a regular basis could prevent an expensive roofing repair or replacement. When you know what to look for, finding the common problems are simple.

Dealing with Roof Damage After a Hurricane

After recent severe weather events in Florida with Hurricane Matthew some homes were left intact while others were not so lucky. If you sustain damage to your home, insurance adjusters come out to inspect your home after a hurricane or tropical storm to assess the damage, which plays a key factor into determining how much

Roofing Safety Tips

What proper precautions should you take when working on your roof? Going up on your roof and inspecting it without a certified professional can be dangerous and unsafe if you don’t know what preventative measures to take. While it’s best to hire a certified roofer inspect your roof, here are some safety tips to help